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Business & government clients receive a coveted corporate giving seal for their event, and a whopping 20% of the speaker’s fee going to charity

~ all for the same price other speakers bureaus charge. It costs you nothing!


I’m Michael Ien Cohen, entrepreneur, humanitarian, filmmaker, and the founder of the WhatStopsYou.org Foundation bureau. I understand it’s hard to believe we’ll actually book a high caliber speaker to fly out for your event and deliver an outstanding talk…entirely for FREE. Well, it’s absolutely true, and there aren’t any strings attached either. Here’s how we do it: 

The Facts About Speaker Bureaus & Booking Agents:

Like all bureaus, we have the same access to the same global roster of world famous speakers as our competitors do, and of course, we have our own exclusive speakers as well. In fact, speakers bureaus work very much like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of the Real Estate business. With few exceptions, almost any speakers bureau can book almost any speaker, and for any event.

Take Sir Richard Branson, for example. Google “Richard Branson Speaker Booking” right now. You’ll find dozens of bureaus and agencies offering to book him for you. Here’s why you should choose us over everyone else…

How we do it for FREE:

The WhatStopsYou.org Foundation bureau is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) public charity, created to provide life-altering, inspirational speakers at no cost to qualified schools, youth groups, and other non-profit organizations to offer hope, guidance, and encouragement for the children and adults who need it most, particularly those in low socioeconomic and underprivileged areas. Of course, our business-client division can handle your corporate speaker booking needs…yet with more value than anyone else can offer you. It’s almost too good to be true.  

The WhatStopsYou.org Difference – A funded Corporate Social Responsibility Program that costs you nothing.

When we book a speaker for your event, we give away the entire 20% bureau commission. It’s goes entirely to providing inspirational speakers to the children that need it most. You can even earmark the money specifically to benefit children in the communicates where you live and work. What’s more, we’ll also grant your business a license to use our coveted “WhatStopsYou.org Corporate Giving Seal” in all your marketing and advertising programs! The use of our seal show’s your customers and the world around you that your company cares about social responsibility, has funded a program, and is actually making a difference! 


We give away the entire 20% ~ How can we afford to do that? 

We have the generous support of industry professionals that volunteer their time, as well as many donated in-kind services. Because of that, our Foundation pays, Zero Payroll, Zero Rent, and Zero Utilities, so we can afford for give it all away. We’ve created a unique Win-Win opportunity: You get the same great speakers for your event and the same great service, plus an instant corporate social responsibility program, with an actual substantial cash donation to a school in need. 

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