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“Children thrive when they’re inspired and given the tools, encouragement and guidance they need. Let’s not fail them!”  

What we do | What is the WhatStopsYou.org Foundation?

The Foundation helps children by providing life-altering, inspirational speakers at no cost to qualified schools, youth groups, and other non-profit organizations, to offer hope, guidance, and encouragement for both children and adults who need it most, particularly in low socioeconomic and underprivileged areas. Our unique roster of world class speakers focus on a wide range of topics and comes from the worlds of action sports, science, music, art, education, self-help, business, politics, humanitarian work and more.

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“Most of these babies don’t have fathers at home….this is why I do what I do!” ~ Foundation speaker, Jeremy Anderson

Why we do it  |  What we know for sure 

The WhatStopsYou.org Foundation was created with the understanding that one of the primary stressors that holds people back in life is fear. A fear of failure can be stifling, as it bodes negative consequences of judgment, rejection, embarrassment, inadequacy, pain, uncertainty and even change. To make matters worse, many of the fears people have are simply unwarranted or blown completely out of proportion. Sadly, many people protect themselves from their fears by not trying anything new, and so they keep repeating the same old patterns that inhibit growth. It’s especially important to help children understand this because they’ll often carry this fear-based thinking into their adult lives.


“I absolutely love sharing my story and spreading my message of, ‘If I Can…’” ~ Foundation speaker, Chris Koch 

Title 1 school children in a subsidized lunch program in Brooklyn, NY – Many kids don’t have proper nourishment at home

Why is the WhatStopsYou.org Foundation so important?  ~  Helping the children that slip through the cracks

Some children are fortunate, having being born into households with loving and supporting parents that understand the value of teaching children that failure is nothing to fear, and not always bad. Children need to understand that risking failure is a necessary part of growing, loving, learning and living a full, joyous, and successful life. Children are especially vulnerable to developing a pattern of fear-based decision making, which they often carry into their adult life. It can develop early, with a young child being afraid to raise their hand in class or ask their teacher for help for fear of being seen as stupid by their peers.  For adults, it can be no less intimidating to switch jobs or take on any new challenging role, be it personal or professional. In short, for people of any age, fear of failure stops growth in its tracks. 


Title 1 school children in a subsidized lunch program in Brooklyn, NY – Many kids don’t have proper nourishment at home

We make inspiring documentary films

Through our production arm, Revere 8 Films, we inspire people to think more deeply about important subjects by producing unique, uplifting, and interesting documentary films. Like our foundation itself, the entire Revere 8 production team of talented professionals work entirely for free. They donate their time, talent, and even their equipment for the causes we all believe in. What’s more, all our revenue from the film’s distribution goes directly to our programs, giving more children access to inspirational speakers.

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Our Mission Statement:

Through our network of life-altering, inspirational speakers, and our uniquely inspiring documentary films, it is our mission to help people affect change within themselves and in the lives of others by helping them identify the crux of what stops them from truly living more and giving more in life.

We know that people want to do more with their lives, They want to experience more, grow more, learn more, love more, live more and ultimately, give more. We believe that when people begin to help themselves, they become happier, more content, feel more alive, and they are more motivated and better able to help others too.

It’s with these core beliefs and philosophy in mind, we want to help people identify the things that stop them from achieving
these goals, and inspire them to take the first steps to living a fuller, richer, more authentic, and a more philanthropic life. As we say…

Live More and Give More | Give More and Live More