Revere 8 Films is the film production arm of the Foundation.

In addition to in-house filming services for our special events, speaking engagements, and other filming needs, Revere 8 Films is a full service production company that’s tasked with the creation of beautiful and unique documentary films, each with the same mission as the Foundation itself…to Inspire people!


Humanity Stoked is a ground breaking documentary featuring the world’s top professional skateboarders and surfers, scientists, musicians, artists, politicians, activists, humanitarians, and more. In it, we talk about issues that are critical to the peaceful advancement of humanity in newer, less conventional ways. The film’s impressive array of world famous people make it appealing to the most important audience for these topics that affect the future for us all: a younger, larger, more diverse group of viewers, both male and female, in the 14 to 35 year old demographic.