Revere 8 Films is the film production arm of the Foundation.

Revere 8 Films is a full service production company that’s tasked with the creation of beautiful and unique documentary films, each with the same mission as the Foundation itself…to Inspire people!


“Humanity Stoked is a skateboard documentary unlike anything ever seen before!”

It’s an exploration into the challenges of moving humanity forward, as seen through the eyes of the world’s most iconic professional skaters, activists, scientists, artists, musicians, and educators, all of whom share unique experiences and perspectives shaped by their love of skateboarding. The deeply personal conversations reveal their experiences and perspectives on issues such as human rights, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, what we teach children about fear, environmental protection, giving back, the value of science, art and music in education and to society, drug addiction and recovery, mental health, and more. The documentary’s purpose is to encourage deeper thought and new perspectives, and to inspire people to think more empathetically and profoundly about the world around them.