The Foundation sets the gold star standard with virtually 100% of donated funds going directly to our programs.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit | More information and documentation below
Here are some facts we’re proud to make clear:

$0.00 in rent & utilities
100% of our office space and utilities are donated by Sundown Industries Corp.

$0.00 in salary
100% of our people refuse payment. We are an all-volunteer entity

Astonishingly, it’s true for all aspects of our Foundation, including our production arm, Revere 8 Films. That’s right, our entire Revere 8 Films production team, including our film Producers, Directors, Directors of Photography, Cinematographers, and all other crew members refuse salary. We are an all-volunteer entity because we all firmly believe in the importance of our mission. 

Federal 501(c)(3) and NYS Non-Profit Status and Documentation: 

March 22, 2017: First Incorporated Under Section 402 of New York State Not-For-Profit-Corporation Law
April 20, 2017: Granted 501(c)(3) Status by the IRS (United Stated Internal Revenue Service)

See Documents Below (click to enlarge):